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World Education Program gives you the opportunity to gain an educational experience abroad. For 20 years, WEP has been developing exchange programs, working in 16 countries all over the world.

Are you between 15 and 19 years old? Would you like to travel and discover the world? Do you dream to visit Argentina? WEP Argentina has the best programs to live the dream.

We offer you the chance to live like a real Argentinian and to improve your Spanish as well:

  • You will be hosted by a local family.
  • You will go to high school with Argentinians students.
  • You will discover another culture from the inside.
  • You will live one of the best experience of your life.
  • You will learn to be more independent and self-confident.

Don't worry about the organization: our staff is ready to help you whenever you need it.


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You will meet the Argentinians who are friendly,
open-minded and welcoming. They are curious to
learn about other cultures.

You will find a wide range of landscapes and weather.
Moreover there are many different safe and economic
ways of travelling all around the country.

You will learn Spanish which is one of the most
spoken languages of the world. You will practice it
everyday and you will speak like a local.

Besides learning Spanish and live like a real
Argentinian, you will create strong relationships with
your host family and your friends that may last
forever. Living in Argentina is a unique opportunity.

  • Lea en Argentina

    Short documentary movie about an
    Exchange student in Argentina



Argentina, the "country of the six continents" is a gift from mother nature. From
the Tropic of Capricorn to the Antarctic Circle there stretches an impressive
monument to nature. Its rainforests, waterfalls, forests, lakes and glaciers. It is
the green of our Pampa and mountains that touch the sky. It is its fauna: whales,
penguins and elephant seals. And it is also its enchanting cities. The UNESCO has
distinguished Argentina by registering properties of natural and cultural
relevance located in its territory on The World Heritage List.

It is its culture, its people and their customs... It is ARGENTINA.

Argentina is in southern South America. It has enormous contrasts between the
immense eastern Atlantic ocean coast, the never ending plains and the imposing
mountain range of the Andes to the west. And from Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego you
can find all kind of fauna, flora and landscape. Mountains, the Paraná river,
plateaus, lakes, glaciers, forests, hills, the Falls of Iguazú, the pampas, our sterile
and stony Patagonia, the mesopotamia, great cities like Buenos Aires, Cordoba,
Rosario and very touristic cities by the sea like Mar del Plata and Pinamar.

Easy to get to and to afford, all these places are in the same country.



Argentina for High School Students

  • Family and friends in Argentina are really important.
    Almost every week the whole family and friends meet each other
    to talk, to drink mate, to spend time together and to eat an
    “asado” (Argentinean barbecue).

  • What makes us different from other organizations? We find host
    families for you through high schools. We inform the high school
    students about our programs therefore they will talk about it to
    their parents. That means that you will have host siblings going
    to high school as well. It is really important to us to find the right
    host family for you. Future host families will be interviewed and
    will be chose regarding your profile.

  • We want you to fit in and to feel comfortable.

  • Indeed, we bring a particular and personalized care to each
    student and we pay attention to the students' preferences.

  • We place our students in mild climate regions

    • Most of our coordinators work on a daily basis with teenagers
      and receive a special training to carry out their tasks as WEP

    • Our coordinators contact the students once a week.

    • Young Argentineans feel much interest in other countries
      and in exchange students.

    • Argentinean schools give many opportunities to socialize
      with the classmates

    • Students who've finished High School are allowed to attend
      University studies (ask for the conditions at your Exchange Organization).

    • Argentina offers a friendly environment that will help students to fit
      with their new life.

    • We offer six optional trips per year like a trip to Ushuaia, the
      city of the end of the world.


Our Programs:


We organize 5 trips per year*


Visit to Wanda field (carving workshop). Visit to Jesuit Missions ruins. Visit to waterfalls, Argentinian side.
Visit to waterfalls, Brazilian side. Foz Do Iguazú (Brazil) city tour. Visit to Itaipú Hydroelectric Dam (Brazil, Paraguay)
Visit to Punto Tripartito (panoramic view of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay). Estimated time 5 days.


Visit to Tucumán city. Calchaquíes Valley. Cafayate.Salta.Ruins of Quilmes. The Humahuaca Gorge. Jujuy.Purmamarca. The mountain of the Siete Colores.
Optional Excursions: The Railway to the Clouds or Movitrack. Nationals Parks. Estimated time 7 days


Departure from Rosario to Ushuaia (The End of the World city) following the Atlantic coast, visiting cities nearby: Puerto Madryn.Valdés Peninsula. Puerto
Pirámide (visit to marine elephants and marines wolves colonies and southern franca whales might be watched). Comodoro Rivadavia.Camarones. Punta
Tombo (Penguin Colony). Río Gallegos. Rio Grande. Ushuaia (End of the world Train). El Calafate (visit to Glaciers). Nationals Parks. Estimated time 15 days.


City tour. City panoramic view: The Grand Excursion and the Small Excursion. On the way to San Martín de los Andes, excursion to the 7 Lakes. San Martín de
los Andes. Ski runs. Estimated time 7 days.


Visit to Colón Theatre. Visit to Plaza de Mayo. National Congress. Visit to downtown and old city. Visit to the neighbourhoods: San Telmo, La Boca, Recoleta,
Puerto Madero. Shopping. Estimated time 2 days.

*Destinations and schedules might change.

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